Please see a list of our exciting food workshops below. If you'd like further information please just get in touch
  1. Benefits/cooking with fresh herbs and vegetable cuts
  2. Cooking techniques and looking at healing foods
  3. Cooking methods {braising,poaching,paper bag etc]
  4. Soups and basic sauces
  5. Pastry making and desserts
  6. Garnishes,knife skills and basic food hygiene/safety
  7. Eating your way to a healthier life style/food suitable for diabetics
  8. Shopping/cooking on a budget
  9. Preparing main courses
  10. Afternoon tea treats
  11. Cakes and sweet pastry
  12. Caribbean cooking
  13. Leaving for university package
  14. Chef demonstration
  15. Pizza/bread making
  16. Healthy vegetarian meals
  17. Bespoke workshops