Hints & Tips

Avoid mishaps when cooking with these helpful tips for the kitchen, saving you time, money and food wastage:   

Freezing double cream
Freeze cream in an ice cube tray, and then transfer the frozen cubes into polythene bags to store in the freezer again. These cubes can be added directly to hot soup, sauces or casseroles.

Reviving Celery
To revive wilted celery sticks, place them in a bowl of ice water for 45 minutes to an hour; a squeeze of fresh lemon juice can be added to improve the flavour.

Checking a Cabbage
Before buying a cabbage, check the heart is firm by pressing the centre with your thumb. Avoid those cabbages with brown, soft and discoloured outer leaves.

Preventing discoloration
The flesh of pears and apples discolour quickly when exposed to air. Once cut or peeled, they should be treated with an acidic liquid. The juice of a lemon, lime or orange will prevent discolouring.

Freezing bread and cakes
When freezing a large cake, cut into slices and partition the slices with greaseproof or parchment paper before freezing – this can be applied with a loaf of sliced bread. When needed, only remove as many slices as you need; this avoids thawing the whole loaf or cake.